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Woolsbridge Industrial Park
Three Legged Cross
BH21 6SX
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Our Service

Traditionally Cooked Hot Meals delivered by our friendly drivers who take pride in providing a reliable friendly service.


Custom Lunches wants to offer two re-assurances to customers

Continuity – Custom Lunches wants to assure all our customers that we are doing our best to continue to operate, as normally as possible during this crisis. We know that our hot meals service is even more essential, indeed the demand for our service has increased dramatically.

Safety – Life is really difficult for everyone because of the virus risk. As an essential service, all our staff, and the drivers delivering meals, are at risk themselves and a possible risk of spreading the virus. We are taking every precaution we can think of, from virus killing surface cleaning applied to every piece of equipment we use, social distancing as much as we can, screening drivers, gloves and hand sanitizing and doing contact-less delivery where we can. We review on a daily basis and any extra measures suggested will be applied.

Welcome to Custom Lunches

Custom Lunches delivery service is a private enterprise. We deliver hot meals ready to eat to all local areas 7 days per week between 11:30am & 1:30pm. We work very closely with Doctors, Hospitals, District Nurses & Social Services.

We offer a menu with three choices daily, consisting of a roast, a meat dish such as cottage pie, and a vegetarian dish and a sweet (diabetic sweets available). We have fish once or twice a week and various salads are also available daily. There are two different size meals, regular & small depending on your appetite. If required, we can also deliver with your main meal, soup and a sandwich for teatime.

Customers return their next weeks order a week in advance as the new menu (which changes weekly) is delivered the previous week. If you are ordering a meal for the same day we would be greatful if you could let us know by 9:30am that morning. You may sometimes have to leave your order on our answer phone, please speak clearly and leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Meals on Wheels - 7 Days per Week.

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